Indonesian Superheroine VALENTINE Shows Her Love For The Fight In The Second Teaser

Efforts for Indonesian action cinema to enter the superhero movie fray have been slow to pass, but they are happening. Executive producer Sarjono Sutrisno and the folks over at Skylar Pictures are exemplary of this with their latest in-house effort, Valentine, a live-action adaptation of their own comic book line from creator Aswin MC Siregar, and one which has taken its fair share of time to fully come to fruition.

Indeed, the first teaser arrived at around this time last year introducing us to local TV actress Estelle Linden now setting her sites on the big screen after undergoing a year of training in various martial arts styles to fit the role; Here, she plays Srimaya, a waitress with an affinity for martial arts whose chance at reality show stardom turns into a call of duty as Batavia City's last hope against forces of evil lurking in the streets.

The film, directed by Agus Pesto along with fight choreographer Ubay Fox (Bima Satria Garuda), was expected to release last December and then possibly earlier this year until it became clear that the film wasn't going to arrive any time by then. This week however, a second teaser has arrived to draw our attention to the film's existence and all the more to remind us that Indonesia's time in the superhero genre is yet to come, and with a great-looking package at that.

Watch the new teaser for Valentine below.


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