HIGANJIMA: DELUXE Traps You On The Worst Island Ever In The Latest Trailer

Neko Samurai 2 helmer Watanabe Takeshi is returning to cinemas this October with his latest thrillride, Higanjima: Deluxe, succeeding author Matsumoto Koji's 2002-2010 Kodansha manga series, and the live-action film and TV show thereafter. A few teasers began making the rounds this year but the latest trailer is online, along with another few promo bits highlighting some great tropes for what looks to be a colorful, spectacular action horror adaptation.

Higanjima is a solitary island dominated by the vampires and monsters that the immortal vampire Miyabi (Louis KURIHARA) has created. Following up the TV series from 2013, Akira (Hayato SHIRAISHI) and his friends go back to Higanjima in order to look for his missing older brother Atsushi (Ryohei SUZUKI) who fought together against Miyabi. However, what was waiting for them was Atsushi who now turned into a vampire and working under Miyabi. Now it's up to Akira and his friends to kill Atsushi and Miyabi before they wipe up all human beings and take absolute control over the island.
Shiraishi Shunya (Kamen Rider×Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum, Strayer's Chronicle) and Suzuki Ryohei (Tokyo Tribe, HK: Hentai Kamen 1 & 2) and Kurihara Louis (Black Butler) star among the cast, human or creature for that matter.. A sequel may be on the way as well from the looks of things, but of course that will depend on how this one performs upon its release in October.

Check out the trailer below, and a promo which also entails a seperate September TBS program!


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