Erik Matti's BUY BUST In Pre-Production With FMA Training Underway

Filipino action cinema still has its hurdles nowadays, and some of it is still much ado with the unwillingness to take certain risks to help bolster such films from the region. Fortunately that hasn't hindered the earned acclaim by filmmakers like Erik Matti (On The Job, Honor Thy Father, Erik Matti, The Aswang Chronicles) who is reportedly pivoting to the martial arts genre with his own contribution.

For this, we look to two new training videos now online featuring MMA fighter Brandon Vera and local actress Anne Curtis who are set to star on Matti's latest, Buy Bust. Screen Anarchy's Todd Brown forwarded the latest updates via the Reality Entertainment Facebook with Vera and Curtis undergoing Pekiti-Tirsia Kali ahead of next month's more solid rehearsals ahead of the film's production in November, and with the prospects of performing the action themselves with out stunt doubles. That ought to be an adventure!

Check 'em out!


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