Circus Road Films Picks Up Rising Tiger Feature Debut, BLACK SCAR BLUES

There's no question that an enduring climb awaits anyone working their way up the ladder in independent film. As such, with one's own production of a full-length, self-produced and funded feature-length project, landing a distributor is a terrific and incredible milestone, and one that now officially precedes the future that awaits actor and independent filmmaker, Leroy Nguyen of Rising Tiger Films.

Fresh from a long-winded, near six-year endeavor of stops and starts, his feature debut, Black Scar Blues has officially landed U.S. distribution at Circus Road Films following acquisition updates last October. Since its evolution as an award-winning short, the newly-completed movie stars Nguyen and actor Edmond Shum in a martial arts-infused Scorsesean tale of two drugrunners, best friends whose ideologies clash before and after a serious of violent incidents. Nguyen made the announcement publicly on Monday, adding "...This is a HUGE step for us, as I NEVER thought we'd ever get to this stage in the filmmaking process, and I'm extremely happy to have a group as reputable and respected as Circus Road Films on our side to advise us through this process."

The shortfilm itself tells a partially different story compared to its finished version. It ultimately earned a roster of official selections and nominations at multiple festivals in the past few years, including several awards in 2015 from An Anti-Hero Production Genre Film Festival and the L.A. Neo-Noir Film & Script Festival, the latter where Nguyen himself scored a win for Best Actor.

Rising Tiger Films, currently anchored in Leesburg, Virgina, is best known for its numerous shortfilms and skits inspired by Hong Kong cinema classics, joining alongside numerous stunt and indie film teams that have amassed online in the past fifteen years. Their most notable works include the longstanding, collaborative international webseries, Do The Damn Thing, with Jabronie Pictires, and their latest shortfilm festival favorite, The Exit Wound, starring Cullen Cook III.
An official trailer for Black Scar Blues remains pending. Stay tuned!


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