BOYKA: UNDISPUTED Sounds Off With A New Post-Production Sneak Peak feels like forever since we first caught the trailer for Scott Adkins vehicle, Boyka: Undisputed. By far it's one of this year's most-hyped titles and a release date is yet to be revealed while the film itself remains in post production with director Todor Chapkanov at the helm and Isaac Florentine producing.

In the meantime, a little taste of something is better than nothing and so now we're getting a sneak peak into the film by way of a new featurette with re-recording mixer Gord Hillier and supervising sound editor Kris Casavant hailing from Nu Boyana Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria. For this, you get an action-packed intro followed by an intriguing look into the complex sound design process using Avid Pro Tools | S6 control surface, and another quick sampler at the intensely shot fight finale between Adkins and hulking actor and bodybuilder Martyn Ford.

Take a look below!


  1. Cool video! Thanks for sharing because as an audio engineer myself, I really appreciate this type of video :)


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