WOLF WARRIOR 2 Howls For Actor Frank Grillo

Powerhouse film and production duo Anthony and Joe Russo made a pact earlier this year to help sink their feet a bit further in the China film industry with their newly-established Anthem & Song banner, and as such, they now have vested interests in several products. Thus, their current prospect, Wolf Warrior 2 is now active and with none other than action star and actor Wu Jing returning to the dual roles of filmmaker and star, reprising his role from last year's hit film in which he plays an embattled, rebellious PLA soldier who clashes with a vengeful crimeboss.

The film, which will take place this time in a war-torn African country, is part of a trilogy with The Expendables 2 and Wolf Warrior co-star Yu Nan rejoining the film as well, and with the Russo serving as producers next to producer Lv Jianmin who produced the first film. Part of the Russos' efforts as stated several months ago are currently to help give the film its much needed muscle in many areas of production quality and talent, an effort that recently saw a slew of stunt performers migrating to the Far East in recent weeks as well as at least one actor we now know of. And according to news forwarded by City On Fire, that actor would be the sequel's new baddie, Frank Grillo whose proclivity in action movies as of late includes titles like the latter two of The Purge trilogy, as well as the villainous Crossbones in both of the Russos' Captain America sequels and in the upcoming sci-fi sequel, Beyond Skyline.

Jack Wong who has worked on many a title with Wu including his co-direcrorial debut with Nicky Li on the 2008 film, Legendary Assassin, is directing the action along with Sam Hargrave who reunites with the Russos since coordinating the brilliant action on Captain America: Civil War. I suspect a 2017 release for this one while further details remain pending about the film as well as any of the Russo's growing syllabus of projects in recent months, but keep your eyes open for more information as the year approaches, and to AT&T's Audience viewers, be sure to tune into catch Grillo in a new season now forthcoming for the hit MMA drama series, Kingdom!


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