TVB Crime Adaptation, LINE WALKER Lands An Official Trailer!

Sequelzing a popular TV show has its appeal, an idea that fans of the hit TVB series, Line Walker may be  keen on. Jazz Boon sits at the helm for the latest feature-length follow-up of the show with series co-stars Charmane Sheh and Benz Hui are joined by the likes of Louis Koo, Nick Cheung and Francis Ng among other.

After a handler of undercover agents died and his classified files erased, some of the identities of those agents become lost. When someone codenamed Blackjack contacts the police, asserting that he is a lost agent, Inspector Q sends Agent Ting to contact him. Ting soon finds herself manipulated by Blackjack, while Inspector Q encounters a series of peculiar events resulting in the death of the chairman of a finance group. Finally, Inspector Q manages to pin down the whereabouts of Blackjack and uncovers the surreptitious involvement of a business company in a huge drug deal in Brazil. However, the drug dealers have found out that there is an undercover agent among them, and things get trickier as fear and mistrust gain the upper hand....
The film opens on August 11, and so without further ado, the first full trailer has arrived. Take a look below!


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