TOKYO GHOUL Goes Live-Action For The Big Screen Next Year

Recently there have been murmurs of a live-action adaptation of a Sui Ishida's 2011 Weekly Shonen Jump manga, Tokyo Ghoul. Well, it turns out word is true and music video and commercial director Kentaro Hagiwara will helm the movie as his feature debut.

Kentaro will be joined by Death Note TV series star Masataka Kubota who will play the lead role of Ken Kaneki, a college student whose newfound abilities following a brush of near death with Rize, a Ghoul among many feeding off flesh and living among other humans, forces him to come to terms with the two lives now shares as a half-ghoul while battling both Ghouls and the government forces aimed at wiping them out.

As someone who has grown a proclivity toward watching anime this year, I've been strongly curious about this series. The fact that its become so popular among fans between books, the anime series, stage plays and video games pretty much screams the obvious and so there's no question that I'm checking it out myself when I can.

Kubota will be joined by HK: Forbidden Super Hero co-star, actress Fumika Shimizu in the role of Toka Kirishima who helps Kaneki acclimate to his new powers. The film commences this month for a 2017 release courtesy of Shochiku. (YesAsia/Yumcha)


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