The Russos Are Coming Out To Play With THE WARRIORS For Television

If there were ever a moment in film history where the process of remaking any particular film would have been unhindered, those days are long gone. Walter Hill's 1979 classic, The Warriors, is certainly an example having made movie history and standing the test of time through cult fan support, and as such, a remake had been in-bound for well over a decade with the film passing through several hands - the last being Mark Neveldine as of last year.

That said, we're in a new era as of late with a viewing demographic that has grown ever cautious in some parts over Hollywood remakes of anything, and so who knows what will happen next for The Warriors and its future on the big screen? All we know now and can say for certain is that its prospects now lie on television with word from Deadline reporting that the Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe, are developing a version of the film for a serial adaptation with Paramount TV and Hulu.

A director is currently being sought after while writer Frank Baldwin will tap into a version of the film based on Sol Yurick's original 1965 novel. Set in the unforgiving streets of crime-ridden New York City, The Warriors takes off when an unarmed peace summit in the Bronx led by the city's most powerful gang leader, Cyrus, turns violent. Cyrus is assassinated by the menacing leader of the Rogues, Luther, framing The Warriors and forcing them to fight their way back home to Coney Island with nowhere to hide.

The Russos' are currently behind a near-limitless number of film and television projects from here to China, including a feature film remake of The Thomas Crown Affair with Michael B. Jordan, as well as the forthcoming Wu Jing sequel, Wolf Warriors 2. Also on their syllabus, of course, is what remains of their investment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the two-part Avengers: Infinity War now in bound by 2019 following two Captain America films. Both helmers have made progress for themselves as one of the industry's most reliable of film duos and so it begs asking:

Have Anthony and Joe Russo earned your trust in a re-adaptation serializing Hill's cult New York City pulp thriller? And if so, which actors would you like to see reprise the iconic roles that made The Warriors what it is today? Comment below and have your voice heard!


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