The New Trailer For CUTIE HONEY: TEARS Hits All The Feels

Director Takeshi Asai's newest live-action manga effort, Cutie Honey: Tears, stands quite far in its bubbly tone as displayed in the 1973 manga from which it's based, and that of Anno Hideaki's own attempt back in 2004. Nonetheless, the trailers are nothing short of impressive in visuals and the overall slick design of its futuristic metropolitan setting to accomodate its slightly darker millieu, and with an actress like Nishiuchi Mariya definitely looking the part in this somewhat ambitious new take on Nagai Go's sexy android heroine.

The late 21st century has become a jet-black world dominated by AI. The city has been divided by class, with the wealthy literally living above the poor. Life is a daily struggle for the lower class, who must deal with dirty rain and pollution from those on top. 
Hoping to shake up the status quo, a scientist named Kisaragi creates a new type of AI… one with human emotions. Implanted with the memories of Kisaragi’s daughter, the beautiful android Cutie Honey (Mariya Nishiuchi) confronts the oppressive forces led by another android, Sister Jill (Nicole Ishida).
Also starring are Miura Takahiro, Takakoa Sousuke, Nagase Tasuku and Imai Ren from a script by Nakazawa Yoshinori and Tanaka Yasuhiko. The film opens on October 1 in Japan in time for its 23rd anniversary since its original print publication in 1973.

Watch the new trailer below!


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