Sylvester Stallone Is Back To Developing THE EXPENDABELLES

A lot remains unanswered for the window of time between now and the last reports we've heard on various female-centric projects themed on actor Sylvester Stallone's success with the Expendables trilogy. Dating back to 2012, folks like Dredd 3D producer Adi Shankar were said to be circling one such project while it was made clear a few years later that Killers helmer Robert Luketic would sit in the chair with Millenium Films for the aptly-named The ExpendaBelles.

The latter project replaced its premise a day later with what read like a truly meaty action comedy contender for an all female cast, inspired by Stallone's action franchise with our heroines forced to knuckle up when a rescue mission turns into a deadly fight to topple a mad dictator. Filming was expected to commence that summer with Stallone serving as one of the producers and actress Sigourney Weaver potentially up to star.

Ultimately that deal never saw through while it has been reported that a fourth Expendables film was going to happen following the project's inclusion in a China co-production deal made last year. On that note, New York Daily News now brings word from Expendables franchise co-star Randy Couture who states that Stallone is now shifting back to developing The ExpendaBelles first before a fourth Expendables film. “I heard they had a script they were adapting for '(The Expendables) 4' and that we were going to start shooting for '4' in the fall,” says the former MMA fighter-turned actor. “Now I'm hearing it might be pushed back and 'The Expendabelles' might be back on the docket.”

Stallone, whose time is much freer from other things following his departure from all developments on the new Rambo TV series and film, also has a Creed sequel to look after following the initial film's success last November with Michael B. Jordan starring. As for The ExpendaBelles, while it's probable that a new director will also be sought after, the addition of Weaver still seems like a promising one. She'll be appearing as the villain in Walter Hill's gender-bending action thriller, Tomboy: A Revenger's Tale which opens in the U.S. later this year from Saban Films, and also stands to return to intergalatic glory as Ripley in a new Alien movie from Neill Blomkamp.

From all these among others, Weaver has earned a lot of support from her fanbase and action fans in general to possibly lead an ExpendaBelles film, which, obviously leaves the floor open for other casting prospects. So tell us: who else would you like to see cast as an ExpendaBelle? And, what do you think of Stallone now returning to the frontline for an ExpendaBelles film? Comment below!


  1. At the risk of sounding monomaniacal, Amy Johnston should be involved in this. :D

  2. Michelle Yeoh, Julie Estelle, Jeeja Yanin, Lucy Liu, Zhang Ziyi, Meiko Kaji, Milla Jovovich, Cynthia Rothrock, Maggie Cheung, Uma Thurman, Gina Carano, Charlize Theron, Rhona Mitra, Pam Grier, Brigitte Nielsen, Linda Hamilton, Zoe Bell, Michelle Rodriguez.. That's all I've got right now. Maybe Rhonda Rousey too, but she was already in Expendables, but that could be the tie in :)

    1. Ooooh I love Jade's suggestion of Amy Johnston!! How did I forget her..?! Absolutely loved "The Gate" short!

  3. Sigourney weaver always be on the top of the list


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