Statham Is Geared Up In New Stills For MECHANIC: RESURRECTION

Director Dennis Gansel is bringing the heat this summer with the new action sequel, Mechanic: Resurrection. Jason Statham is back and reprising his role once more from the 2011 reboot of Michael Winner's 1972 film, and here, with actress Jessica Alba as our hero is forced away from his new life and back behind the trigger in order to save the woman he loves.

Also starring are actor Tommy Lee Jones and actress and well-noted martial arts star, Michelle Yeoh, who you may not have known was in the film since she was nowhere to be seen in the first trailer. Well, here she is in several exclusive stills hosted by the good folks at HeyUGuys, and much more. You can check ten of them out below or feel free to view all twenty at HeyUGuys as well.

Mechanic: Resurrection opens in the U.S. on August 26.

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