Sonakshi Sinha Asserts Her Dominance In The New Trailer For AKIRA

Director A.R. Murugadoss's remake of the 2011 Tamil film, Mouna Guru, has since arrived in the form of the new Hindi action thriller, Akira which opens on September 2. For this, we get Bullet Raja co-star, actress Sonakshi Sinha leading the way in a gender-swapped role that sees a young, misunderstood arts student whose penchant for trouble follows her to her new life in Mumbai where she unwittingly gets swept into a plot involving corrupt cops.

Sinha reportedly trained for several months prior to, as well as during production last Spring. As such, the first full trailer shows the exact result of that with some nifty wirework and action sequencing by Anl Arasu who previously worked on Murugadoss's Kathithi (2014). It's pretty cool and will undoubtedly lend something worthwile for female audiences and young women in India and abroad.

Check it out below!


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