SDCC 2016: The New Trailer For DOCTOR STRANGE Transports You Into World-Bending Inception

...And because you can't have San Diego Comic Con without more than one comic book film studio present, Marvel Studios was on hand this weekend to present fans with their latest jewels, one of which includes the new comic con trailer for Marvel property, Doctor Strange. The very first teaser unveiled back in April and was an impressive feat with actor Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role - a doctor who goes on an epic journey of self-discovery and purpose following a horrific car crash that severely injures his hands.

Of course, the biggest stand-out character in the teasee was that of actress Tilda Swinton whose role as the Ancient One was not without its share of controversy with a dose of humor for all the Saitama fans out there sharing One Punch Man memes. Hilarious stuff. Still though, the film comes out on November 4 and as divisive as these casting measures may be for some comic book movie fans, Marvel always brings the good stuff when the time comes - just as they did this weekend with the new Comic-Con trailer which you can now view below!


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