New BTS Featurette For SUPER BODYGUARD Shows Real Blood, Sweat And Tears Between The Stunts

It's been a few years since actor and director Yue Song surfaced in 2013 with his feature debut, The King Of The Streets. Still though, it feels like he's come out of nowhere, and he's doing so in a most impressive fashion through his craft well documented in front as well as behind the camera.

For this, you get brief glimpses of the on-set tumult and upheaval of his latest long-winded production, Super Bodyguard as we have been for the past few months now. The film is due in a few weeks and the trailers have been all but fantastic and bold with Song showcasing a relentless work ethic in selling the action which he performs himself.

With that in mind, you've probably seen the earlier trailers and posters donning taglines ranging from captions boasting no wires or CG to deeming Song as the next Bruce Lee. Yes, the latter is still a pure stretch and virtually no one else in Song's shoes would dare put themselves out like that, so to hoist a selling push like that takes real cojones (Google it), especially in front of an audience that knows EXACTLY who Bruce Lee is.

That said, I can see why it would be more reasonable to compare Song as the next Jackie Chan of sorts. Mind you, Chan (much like Lee) comes from the old school and he has the calluses and the Guiness World Record to prove it. Watching this latest featurette for Super Bodyguard and witnessing a lot of the pain and emotion that comes with an interesting grueling production, you certainly get where Song's own inspiration comes from, which makes this latest feat all the more respectable no matter how you see it.

Check it out.

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