KICKBOXER: VENGENACE Breaks Out The Broken Glass In The First Trailer

Actor and martial artist Alain Moussi sort of came out of nowhere following his career in stunts with credits like Warcraft and X-Men: Apocalypse. That said, attaining the lead in a feature-length action flick, particularly the remake of a Hollywood action classic like Kickboxer is a pretty huge step forward and it appears Moussi himself has earned a promising chance to deliver with not just one film, but an entire threelquel reboot.

Enter John Stockwell who has since owned up to his take with the first film in the roster, Kickboxer: Vengeance, featuring the likes of Dave Bautista and Georges St. Pierre along with Gina Carano and late action star Darren Shahlavi. Also starring is action icon Jean-Claude Van Damme who made the first film the memorable martial arts hit film it is today, now in the role of Durand, a character similar in caliber to that of actor Dennis Chan from the 1989 original.

The film led to four more sequels alternating between two lead actors and eventually attempted a reboot with Albert Pyun who also helmed the second and fourth. That project never came to pass and would have been interesting to see considering the cast and concept on hand. In the meantime, what we have now looks pretty appealing, to say the least, with Moussi in top form after successfully earning a small and growing fanbase in the U.S. with his pivotal role in the go90 miniseries, Street Fighter: Resurrection.

Here is what Fantasia International Film Festival programmer Éric S. Boisvert had to say about Stockwell's new rendition:
Eric Sloane is a kickboxing champion at the top of his game. His older brother, Kurt, follows him everywhere as both his trainer and manager. Together, they’re unbeatable. When Eric is approached to fight Thai champion Tong Po, he can’t wait to finally prove to the world that he’s the one and true champion, even though his brother is against it. What was supposed to be a mere formality turns into a nightmare when Kurt witnesses Eric’s death. While the desire for revenge grows inside, he knows full well he’s no match for Tong Po. He therefore decides to track down his brother’s old trainer in the hopes of finally getting his revenge and, who knows, perhaps even becoming the new “Nok Su Kow” in the process. 
If you grew up in the ’90s, it’s hard to forget Jean-Claude Van Damme’s classic KICKBOXER. Well, years later and to the fans’ delight, the producers have decided to re-launch the franchise, KICKBOXER: REVENGE being the end result. JCVD doesn’t reprise his role as Kurt Sloane but is still part of the cast, this time as Master Durand, a muay thai teacher who uses unconventional methods. It’s a homegrown actor and stuntman that won the lead role. Ottawa-born Alain Moussi took a big risk in accepting this part, and he meets the challenge flawlessly through many breathtaking fights, each more impressive than the last, including one fought on the back of an elephant in the middle of the street. Moussi is not the only local talent appearing in this adventure — UFC legend Georges St-Pierre also stars. Dave Bautista (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) takes on the role of Tong Po. Director John Stockwell does a great job of modernizing the series without losing the essence of the original film. The excitement is so high that the production of a sequel is in motion. And who knows, maybe Canadian Alain Moussi will conquer the action world, much like a certain Belgian did before him.

Dimitri Logothetis produced the film and is also directing the sequel, Kickboxer: Retaliation, already underway with a trilogy in tow and a heavy-hitting cast all its own.

Kickboxer: Vengeance just made its festival premiere on Thursday and now has a U.S. release now set for September 2 courtesy of RLJ Entertainment. As such, Yahoo! Movies has the latest trailer now online for you sample Moussi in action below. Check it out and tell us what you think!


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