HBO Asia, CMC Now In Production For Original Martial Arts Films With Action Legend Corey Yuen

HBO Asia and China Movie Channel are officially in production for Master Of The Drunken Fist: Beggar So and Master Of The Shadowless Kick: Wong Kei-Ying, the first two of an anthology of original Qing Dynasty-set martial arts films to broadcast exclusively throughout Asia for television. Hong Kong action stalwart Corey Yuen Kwai, and choreographer Guo Jian-Yong, both who worked together on Yuen's stylish Shu Qi headliner in 2002, So Close, will executive produce and direct, respectively, for the airing of both films beginning later this year through HBO and their pan-Asian film network, RED.

I'm a little disheartened since I live in North America and HBO Asia is exclusive solely to 23 Asian territories. HBO Asia series Halfworlds is one that certainly has my attention and in the wake of this week's news, I kind of hope that somewhere down the line we'll see some news whereby HBO Asia or its content expands its reach some. Because I'm a Hong Kong cinema fan and so what Yuen is onto now is something that surely appeals to folks like me who don't live 12 hours ahead of our current time zone.

At any rate, let's see how this process goes. Yuen, best known for contributing to many a film at home and abroad for Hollywood (No Retreat No Surrender, Righting Wrongs, Yes Madam!, The Transporter, Rise Of The Legend) just recently choreographed the action on George Nolfi's forthcoming Bruce Lee biopic, Birth Of The Dragon which chronicles the historic private match between the one and future martial arts film legend Bruce Lee, and a local rival. So, it seems Yuen is on a bit of a streak here with both films bearing familiar territory for anyone who's seen a Kwan Tak Hing, Jackie Chan or Donnie Yen film. I'm pleased to see that and I hope it leads to further greatness and more projects for all audiences.



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