Extended New SUPER BODYGUARD Trailer Goes Full Contact!

Call the film what you will at this point, but the narrative is mostly clear on actor and filmmaker Yue Song's latest sophomore outing, Super Bodyguard. Here, Song leads the cast from his own script which sees a young and gifted martial artist forced to adhere to his skillset following his journey to reunite with his fellow apprentice in the wake of their master's death.

Also starring are Collin Chou with Shi Yanneng and Jiang Baocheng, the latter two reuniting three years since their 2013 bout in Law Wing-Cheong's The Wrath Of Vajra, which feels like pretty hefty casting for someone who has only done two movies. Though, honestly, none of it feels moot considering what we've already witnessed in earlier trailers and all the behind-the-scenes anarchy with Song on the frontlines and seeing his hybridized vision all the way through, and damn near losing an eye at that.

Of course, the big payoff is how it all looks in the final product and even after all the noses and ribs get broken and all the concussing blows to the head are dealt, something tells me Song is ready for more after this. And you know what? I say bring it. Super Bodyguard (or whatever they choose to call this movie) opens on July 15 in China with releases pending in other territories and Song is back online with a full-on, in-your-face, action-packed extended trailer that goes all-in with new footage and more. And of course, peep the new poster just beneath as well, which literally hams up its intended appeal to the comic book movie niche.


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