ECHOES FROM TUTUS: A Night Out With Actor And Martial Artist David Sakurai

Well, I'm currently recovering from a small injury on the right side of my jaw from Thursday. In the meantime, my holiday weekend was another high-mark for my time as a writer with Saturday night proving quite feasible. As we speak, there are a bunch of stunt performers and actors working on a several projects here in the tri-state area, and it just so happens that Denmark's own, actor David Sakurai was in town. I've been writing about Sakurai since 2013 and he's made some notable appearances in a few completed and upcoming projects in several genres, including Shaky Gonzalez's Echoes Of A Ronin, Károly Ujj Mészáros's multi-award winning Liza, The Fox Fairy, and Kurando Mitsutake's latest revenge thriller, Karate Kill.

We met up at a place called Roberta's Pizza in the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn around 10:00pm. David found me and brought me to another place up the street called Tutus and met up with two of his friends who are also from Denmark, stage actresses Maria Nadia and Elou Salomé; Both are in town to partake in a theater event in Connecticut called Recharge/HER (you can learn more about it by clicking here). It was my first time there and the place was jam-packed as it probably would be on a Saturday night. There were lots of people, lively music, and indoor areas as well as outdoor tables where we could sit amongst ourselves away from the noise. David, Maria and Elou actually ended up waiting two hours before getting a table of any kind prior to my arrival, and close to an hour before we saw any food while cleansing our pallates with some drinks before then, and indeed, while the food was great, the company was even better.

David is bound by NDA orders (Non-Disclosure Agreement) not to disclose details about his current projects early under any circumstances, although we did get to chat throughout the evening about other things as we acquainted ourselves. We spoke about his martial arts training since the age of six apart from his prime profession as an actor, discussing his work with Mitsutake on Karate Kill and the likes of fight choreographer Tim Man who also stars opposite Sakurai in Gonzalez's Echoes Of A Ronin - the latter which is still in the works with some potential for a feature film. He also has another arthouse thriller which I've been reporting on for sometime now called Le Accelerator from director Thomas Eikrem, still in post production and, with any luck, should arrive later this year or in 2017.

We also got to squeeze in a bit of time near the end of our evening for an impromptu interview courtesy of Maria who directed, and Elou serving as cinematographer. Suffice it to say though, tried as I may, David and I were both far from collected after a night of laughs, spicy pizza and booze, and pure, unmitigated levity with Sakurai still enduring a bit of jetlag as were Maria and Elou, and so I won't share the video for the sake of a better, more solid interview the next time we see each other. In the meantime, I'll say we did re-engage a bit more about what we discussed earlier, even so far as reaching a consensus about how awesome (or "f*cking insane" as I put it) Mitsutake's Gun Woman is, as well as the kind words he had for its star, Karate Kill co-star Asami.

Feel free to take look at some screengrabs album below featuring Sakurai and I being our silly, professional selves, as well as a small spate of group selfies assissted by the lovely Elou to my right. To add, I think it was a beautiful evening for all involved, and one that sadly ended too soon as the night grew late. I live for moments like these with every single person I meet, and, as always, I sure hope this won't be the last time I get to share tabletalk and good feelings with these fine people. Moments like this really are the best perk about what I do next to watching movies. Ad to think now all I need is to live closer to everyone!...

Ahh, one can dream. Thank you Copenhagen!

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