Cine-Asia's Return Signals Benny Chan's CALL OF HEROES For A UK Release

Asian cinephiles in the UK once mourned the loss of popular distributor, Cine-Asia back in 2012. Now, they're re-emerging and are back with their first theatrical release since then amid the currently-running campaign for Benny Chan's latest, Call Of Heroes, now dated for September 2, following its August 12 release in Hong Kong from Universe Films.
Marking Cine Asia’s first release since 2012, we are delighted to announce the upcoming release of Call of Heroes, the latest feature from director Benny Chan (SHAOLIN, NEW POLICE STORY). 
CALL OF HEROES brings together much of Hong Kong’s elite film industry talent. In addition to Benny Chan, fan favourite Sammo Hung acts as action director, and together they oversee a cast of both HK cinema veterans and rising stars. Cast includes Louis Koo (Flash Point), Wu Jing (Kill Zone 1 & 2), Sean Lau (Mad Detective) and Eddie Peng (Rise Of The Legend). 
The story of CALL OF HEROES takes place within the early Republic of China, in a time of turmoil due to incessant civil wars. Amidst the unrest, a warlord’s ruthless son is arrested in a remote village that he had hoped to conquer. It is not before long that an army belonging to the warlord threatens to attack the village, and the village’s skilled guardians must stand their ground to protect their homeland.

Watch the new trailer below from Cine-Asia and be sure to check out two character promos for the Hong Kong release, featuring Jacky Wu Jing and Eddie Peng!


  1. So that means 6 months later we can watch it in the US? Lol


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