Check Out This Exclusive BTS Photo From Jesse Johnson's SAVAGE DOG

Courtesy of Jesse Johnson - SAVAGE DOG (2017)
Production remains on going for the new film, Savage Dog from director Jesse Johnson, and it's a film leaving little room to spare for details about the project other than what's already been reported. Thankfully there is somewhat of a string of gems coming from the production with at least one still as of a few weeks ago from Johnson himself, as well as other set pics with the cast and crew including martial arts stars Scott Adkins and Marko Zaror, and actress and martial artist Juju Chan with former UFC fighter, action star Cung Le.

Follow any of these folks on social media and you'll see plenty of behind-the-scenes photos as we wait until this movie enters the right phase for more specifics to arise. In the meantime, we have another new photo with this one, exclusively from Johnson seen arm-in-arms with Adkins and Zaror, so I'm pretty grateful and hope as many do for an action flick that is equally as amazing as its prospective cast. Check out and let's hope for more news to come!


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