ATTACK ON TITAN: Season Two Spawns Hope For A Spring 2017 Opening

Say what you will of last year's feature film adaptations but the popularity of the manga and subsequent 2013 anime series launch of WIT Studio's Attack On Titan have all but maintained fan fervor in the hopes of a second season. Thus, reason talk of a delay dimmed hopes quite a bit for a 2016 opening, but a fan event on Sunday managed to boost fan morale with brand new artwork announcing the show's Spring 2017 return.

Based on Hajime Isayama's award-winning manga series, Attack On Titan takes you into a post-apocalyptic version of Earth with what's left of mankind fighting back against hordes of human-eating giants, and with survivor Eren Jaeger who unknowingly bares the remarkable ability to turn into one himself to take the Titans head-on. For that, you also get a story that delves further into the human psyche and casts a daunting spotlight with questions on the measure of humanity between themselves and the monsters that threaten their very existence.

Araki Tetsuro will return for the show from here on as Chief Director with Asano Kyoji designing the characters, and season one script supervisor Koizuka Masashi with Kobayashi Yasuko supervising the writing that will carry over into the next phase following the first eight that were covered in season one's 25-episode run. (H/T: Anime Mojo)


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