Anarchy Ensues In The New Trailer For DEATH NOTE: LIGHT Up The NEW World

Ohba Tsugumi's 2003-2006 Shueisha manga publication, Death Note, continues to consume its designated fanbase with anti-heroes and villains galore. Live action films are just the next phase at this juncture following its successful anime series offering, and with Kaneko Shusuke's 2006 picture already in the bag.

Thus, we get Death Note: LIGHT Up The NEW World from helmer Sato Shinsuke and a story that heightens the danger and chaos stemming from the tituar mystical notebook that grants its user the power to kill people with the stroke of a pen, and with rules that apply. It's a sick, twisted journey...this story, and one that gripped me while watching the anime featuring the arc between young prosperour student-turned-murdering P.O.S. douchebag, Light, in an epic battle of wits with a young prodigal cyber sleuth named L.

Seriously...this story will compel you.
Set ten years after the events of the previous films, in 2016, society is afflicted with cyber-terrorism. The Death Note is a supernatural notebook that grants its user the power to kill simply by writing a person's name on its pages. Six different Death Notes fall to the human world, the maximum number of notes that can exist at once. In the midst of this, two new individuals inherit the DNA of Light Yagami and L and must play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse once again.
Higashide Masahiro stars along with Ikematsu Sosuke, Suda Masaki and actress Kawaei Rina, as well as actor Nakamura Shidou reprising his role as the ever creepy-yet-friendly supernatural demon tied to the deadly notebook, Ryuk. Death Note: LIGHT Up The NEW World opens on October 29, and with this, we have a brand new trailer out this week!


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