Yeon's TRAIN TO BUSAN Boards Well Go USA

Director Yeon Sang-Ho's apocalyptic zombie thriller, Train To Busan, has not been without a bit of controversy as of late with its most recent trailer. As it stands, the film represents something of an unacknowledged film funding effort by filmmaker Arne Venema who reportedly took his pitch to Busan two years ago, which had been rejected at the time.

Two years later though, it appears that the most recent trailer presented last month bares the very similarities echoed in Venema's own reaction. To his credit though, it appears to be a very exciting concept and it's unfortunate that any malfeasance hasn't been uncovered before then, and so hopefully the facts will come out and Venema will be able to walk away with the credit he feels he deserves.
At any rate, anime filmmaker Yeon Sang-Ho makes his live action segway here following up on his 2015 animated feature, Seoul Station. Well Go USA will be releasing the film in select theaters this July in the U.S. and Canada, featuring The Suspect star Gong Yoo in the story of a vulnerable KTX train whose passengers now desperately fight to survive amid a deadly viral outbreak with their destination, the Safe Zone, as their last hope, granted its there when the train stops.

Also starring are Jung Yu-Mi and Ma Dong-seok also star, and if you missed the first teaser, you can watch it below. (Screendaily)


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