THE NIGHT GUARD Lands An Official Trailer For Velyvis's New Fantasy Action Horror

If you're keen on any and all in Russian film's latest in action and horror, director Emilis Velyvis's new venture, The Night Guard, certainly leaves off with a little something. The film is poised for an August release and a new trailer is officially online with more exciting footage to spare with actor Ivan Yankovsky starring.

Pasha Smolnikov is constantly having the same dream – he stands on a rooftop of a Moscow skyscraper, hearing someone’s voice behind his back whispering: “Go on… Fly!”. He is making a step forward and… Wakes up. 
Pasha is an errand-boy at a local express delivery service. It’s not a dream job, but Pasha hates sitting in the office chair – he waits until the fate will give him a chance to show himself. 
One night, while delivering a package to the fashionable hotel, Pasha witnesses a mysterious girl being kidnapped. He steps in and saves her from a group of strange criminals who posses extraordinary supernatural powers. Pasha and the girl really like each other and the sympathy between them just keeps getting stronger. 
Suddenly, a group of some kind intelligencelooking agents arrive at the hotel. They offer Pasha a job at a topsecret Moscow police department, which specializes on monitoring every single non-human creature living in the city – goblins, devils, mermaids etc. 
Pasha becomes an intern at The Department – he starts working with his boss, Gamayun, an experienced old-school supernatural specialist. Together, they investigate the events at the hotel: while seeking the truth Pasha has to dig to the very bottom of the mysterious new Moscow, full of strange creatures. Pasha and Gamayun discover that the Russian capital has become an arena for the struggle between several powerful European vampire clans and the girl Pasha’s rescued at the hotel – Dana – is trying to escape from her unloved groom Yankul. Pasha and Gamayun finds Dana and now have to turn her in at a similar secret department in Europe since she’s in their jurisdiction now. At the very last moment Pasha realizes that the are getting the girl right in the hands of Yankul… 
He tries to help Dana to escape, but fails. The whole Department is running around Moscow, catching vampires who invaded Moscow – Pasha is left alone against Yankul and his clan. To win this fight, he has to wake his own supernatural powers, and to do so Pasha has to get over his human fears and believe in himself.
Arriving in Russian cinemas on August 25, we now have a new official trailer circulating online which you can check out below right now.


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