THE HIT LIST - June 6, 2016

Well, my weekend didn't let up. Click here and you'll learn one of the few reason why. Apart from that, I'd say it was pretty exciting...and loaded. As we speak, I've only just finished the Hit List on the same day as you're now seeing it, so this was cutting it pretty close!

Cutting to the chase and getting the ball rolling this week is a new playlist packed with stunt reels, but I thought I'd get things started with a bit of style first. Actress and martial artist Tess Kielhamer's latest on-video treatment of Bagua Eagle style Kung Fu seems fitting, as is Cecep Arif Rahman sporting some Silat of his own. Following that are the additions of new reels from stunt players Bryan Sloyer, Holly McCredden, Peter Pedrero, Jay Kwon and Blake Harbour with exciting new demo reels rounding out the playlist courtesy of the sexy femme fatale Heartbreaker herself, Celine Tran, and stunt and fight coordinators Jude Poyer and Deadpool/Daredevil action architect, Philip Silvera!

Real quickly before we get into the action, there are a few things to help promote, and the first piece I'm throwing up is the latest announcement video from the good folks over at K&K Productions who have been working heavily on their own inspired Dragon Ball projects for several years now. Their latest video covers this and more on their future plans, including a new Cable fan film you can learn more about at their newly launched Indiegogo page:

The next and last of this segment is at least one recent set pic I'm sharing from an upcoming project titled Blindsided. Martial arts action favorite, Eric Jacobus of Rope-A-Dope and Contour fame is making a return alongside Nicholas J. Verdi, and while details are forthcoming, you're more than welcome to examine the pic yourself and guess some of the themes happening here.

Nicholas J. Verdi and Eric Jacobus on the set of "Blindsided"
And now... onto the action, and I'm kicking this portion off with a few late entries circa February thanks to filmmaker Spencer S. Peter from Open Air Action who contacted my Facebook page to share some of his work. I'll be sure to keep him in on my radar after this and you can check his work out in the first two videos of the playlist below, followed by an experimental sword piece from Dardrex Productions, an electrifying LBP fight demo featuring Dominique Smith, and two videos featuring the familiars from Canadian action group, Eunoia Creations - Taylor Tai and Ken Do in the first of a set of Tekken-inspired fan fights, and Ieisha Auyeung front and center for Film Riot's most recent film lesson in Hallway Fight. Check it all out below!

Just beneath for this segment is an interesting set of shorts, a few of which I've been sent by a few actors and filmmakers on social media pertaining to the current My Røde Reel film competition which ends in less than a month. The entires I've selected are all comprised of action with a dose or two of riveting drama to spice things up: Catch Sentinel starring Kristy Jones, K Dynamique's The Refugee, Rock Chang's Power Play with Mike Chat and T.J. Storm, Revenant Active starring Jesse Liskola and Greatman Lim, Leo Kei Angelos's Manifest with Gabriel Caste, Ali Kareem's Red and Dr. Nijat Zeynali's newest action thriller, Object 77 with Sain Ferhad Fermanli. Enjoy the playlist and be sure to head over to the My Røde Reel website to vote for your favorite picks!

Last and far from least, the first time I'd ever heard of the name, Luci Romberg, was many years ago and long before the hit competition series, Ninja Warrior, crossed over to the U.S.. Since then, she's become quite prolific in her career as a professional freerunner and Hollywood stuntwoman, but her story neither begins nor ends there. This week, she's pulling back the curtains in Tru Beauty, a new shortfilm now live at the Tempest Freerunning YouTube Channel from director Victor Lopez. Amazing cinematography by Chad Bonnano ornaments the canvas of each shot featuring Romberg as narrates, and symbolically demonstrates her personal turmoil with bulimia, and her subsequent battle to overcome it through the power of movement.

Watch, enjoy, and let it empower you all the same.

Last week's Hit List is still up for your viewing pleasure if you still crave some more online action and fun. Check it out and support their channels by following and subscribing, and if you or someone you know has an awesome stunt or demo reel, or a cool new action short you think is worthy of the Hit List, hit us up at!


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