THE HIT LIST - June 27, 2016

This weekend was a slow one in looking for Hit List content. I also had to make a last minute edit to remove something I temporarily can't share but I do have a few treats to help make up for the light load this week...

Rounding off this week's jam-packed playlists of stunt and demo reels are Jessica Meredith, Mark Chin, Famisa Yusuf, Brian Wilson, Luke Scott, David G. Pelta, Johnathen "Pantera" Wallace, Timur Dzhanyshev, Radozav Ratsata and Hong Kong action stalwart Jude Poyer.

Taking a break from the action for a bit, we're gonna head over to YouTube personality Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval who is out with his latest, 20 Rejected Street Fighters. It's one of the more rare instances where I share something not fully action-related, but I'm sharing it because it's funny, and he's no stranger to action and fight choreography either, so I hope that aside from being the consumate dancer that he is, he gets back into throwing down a bit more on screen. At any rate, pick your favorite Street Fighter auditionee!

And now it's on to the action with Geo Corvera lensing some cool action with stuntwoman and boxing impressario Vaia Zanganas, followed by The Break-In with Kealani Marie and Jae Greene, some new test fight action from Germany-based Action Arts's Nicola Borkado and Joey Truninger and Robert Steven Brown's latest debut into Marvel fan territory with webseries concept, Daredevil: The Dawning - a bit rough around the edges with the cinematography and acting, but the action is mostly watchable and it's something that fans can appreciate.

The last video in the playlist is a raft of great action sequences featuring actress and martial artist Tess Kielhamer. Hers is a craft worthy of as much lip-service and attention as she can get and she samples plenty of it from such projects as Cosplay Combat and Micah Brock's successful shortfilm fantasy series, Slug Street Scrappers among others. Enjoy!

Last and far from least is a lovely little video I thought I'd throwback to for a bit to an era where of the internet when the online action scene was young and ripe with potential. For this, we turn to An Act Of Revenge from martial arts stunt team Zero Gravity and Infinite Quest Productions with actor and martial artist Sam Looc in the dual role of two brothers - one forced to right the wrongs of his twin brother's killer one year after his death.

I initially tried to get a more higher-def version of this but I haven't had any such luck. At any rate, a YouTube search will grant you the film in two parts, but you can view it in whole here courtesy of Vimeo, and with nothing short of the very slick and powerful fight choreography, cinematography and overall performance caliber that have made the likes of Zero Gravity a thing of beauty to enjoy online. Looc is joined by Adam Phelps, Tony Chu, and the incomparable Ken Quitugua (The Challenger)who directs, and if you're new to this indelible martial arts internet classic, I humbly bid the following in advance: You're welcome.

You've still got last week's Hit List to get your fill with if you need, and feel free to subscribe to these channels for more exiciting content to come. Furthermore, if you or someone you know has a killer stunt reel, test fight sequence or shortfilm that they OR you think deserves a place in our weekly Hit List, hit us up at!


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