THE HIT LIST - June 13, 2016

Well...I can't exactly say the weekend has been an uneventful one, but I certainly hope that this week's installation of the Hit List will allow some inspiration and joy for those who read this blog regularly.

First up, as always, is a cool new playlist full of amazing stunt reels, and I think it's fascinating that I only need to look at a few seconds to know if I want to add them to the playlists I create. From this, you can pretty much gather some of the things I look for in them, and here and now, you can include Matt Shadden in your repetoire with Eric Shamm Watson following through. The remainder of the playlist rounds it all out with footage by Justin Jackson, Kevin Fortin, Georgie Blackwell, Yarett Harper, Nathan People, Rufio Parker Luey, Malcolm Washington, Andrew Mihalko., Malin Kirjonen and Jomarie PalmaAlex Chung and Anthony Giovanni Elias.

Now for some promotional goodies and this one signals with a few production stills for the upcoming short, The Mockingbird from director Marcus Briggans. Actresses Sachiko Ishida and Hope LaVelle headline this one and while the plot is currently unknown, this isn't the first time I've showcased these two in some fantastic internet screenfighting material, and something tells me that The Mockingbird will be ripe with plenty of it upon completion.

And now, it's off to some of the internet's best fight action. Kicking it off are a handful of some of Canada's best with Somnang Chay, Thomas Lorber and DL MacDonald scowering their city for a montage of beatdowns galore, followed by the latest from Alex Hashioka-Oatfield titled New Wave Fighter, and a lovely little bo-staff interlude titled Bojutsu, courtesy of Kristina Papadopoulou and Lorenz "Ray Ban" Hideyoshi-Ruwwe.

The fourth is a really late entry and it comes courtesy of Twitchfilm writer and Indian cinema enthusiast Josh Hurtado who came across this clip posted on YouTube last October. It's a little skit that features martial arts talent, Montu Deori and it's roughly put together, but I can certainly see why it deserves some attention as it comes from the same people who've garnered themselves an audience back in the Fall of 2013 with filmmaker Kenny Basumatary's first feature martial arts comedy, Local Kung Fu. The fanpage can be found over here in case it garners your interest while talk continues brewing over a sequel.

Filmmaker Rustic B keeps the pace going with his newest Finger Games follow-up, Wrath Of The Fruit Ninja, and the second half of Eunoia Creations's Tekken-inspired fan fight short featuring Taylor Tai, Ken Do, Nilo Ghajar-Williams, Tyson Arner and Sean Kohnke. Also cosplaying a bit in their own video are Tess Kielhamer and Chris Quan Yong in the latest installment of Cosplay Combat as characters Cammy and Liu Kang. Dardrex Productions's new short, Final Exam and Nicholas Ortiz's new action horror short, 48Z, round out the playlist.

At long last, the final entry of this week's Hit List marks the latest impressive feat from UK writer, producer and director Simon Pearce for the new action drama, Watch Over Me. Starring are actor and producer Oliver Park as well as actress Holly Georgia and actor Adrian Bouchet in the story of a drifter whose chance meeting at a bar with a troubled woman pits them both against a powerful crimeboss holding her daughter hostage.

Having come off of last year's installation of the Action On Film Festival with wins for Best Foreign Film and Best Action Sequence, the project was finally unveiled online earlier this month, and much to our delight with great performances and acting over all. Without further ado, check it out below and enjoy!

Last week's Hit List is still up for grabs for anyone with a taste of independent action and film fun, so check it out and support the channels. Moreover, if you or someone you know has a stunt reel or an action short that's equally cool and amazing as these above, hit us up at!


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