Take Aim At The Latest International Poster For MECHANIC: RESURRECTION

Action star Jason Statham's career has seen its share of highs and lows outside of being an Expendable. Films like Parker and Wild Card have been a less-receiving, yet notable examples shedding light on questions regarding whether or not he can sustain his starpower, whilst his biggest success to date has been a Transporter between 2002 and 2008.

This year, that same question gets the sequel nod with director Dennis Gansel's forthcoming title, Mechanic: Resurrection following Simon West's 2011 remake of Michael Winner's 1972 Charles Bronson headliner. The new movie continues the story of master assassin Arthur Bishop, who, having thought to have moved on with his new life, is now forced to take out a list of the world's most dangerous men in order to rescue the woman he loves from captivity.

Jessica Alba also stars in the film as shown in the first official image unveiled a few months ago while more content awaits to roll out featuring the remainder of the cast, including actress Michelle Yeoh and actor Tommy Lee Jones. For this, we have a release date set for August 26 from Lionsgate via Summit Entertainment, and while the poster below has seen is share of market and festival sightings, a full scan has now gone viral and you can check it out below whilst we await a full teaser.


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