SUPER BODYGUARD - A Tale Of Blood, Sweat, Wrecks And On-Set Tantrums In A New Featurette

In the months since unveiling at least two trailers for his new genre-blending kung fu hybrid, Super Bodyguard, it's arguable that star, writer and director Yue Song's hubris may seem like more than larger-than-life confidence. Captions dubbing the film as the first best martial arts movie in twenty years with neither wires/CGI/(stuntmen?), and a lead signaling the second coming of Bruce Lee would stand out to anyone and you can check it out here to see what I'm talking about.

At any rate, the film is finally on deck for a July 15 release in China as the latest sophomore effort from Song since the 2013 action drama, King Of The Streets, and with all the hope for a wider release thereafter. The first trailers were amazing with Song starring as a gifted martial artist forced to take on swarms of enemies and plot twists as the newly-hired bodyguard of a crimeboss's daughter while in search of his own fellow apprentice from the village whence they came. And, as you might guess after having seen the trailer, the action and feats of stunt work are all nothing short of big and bold, and even brusing for the players on hand, including Song who clearly has no issues with cranking his action-star presence from zero to 100 each time.

For what it's worth, it shows quite a bit (almost as much as his temper) in the latest behind-the-scenes featurette you can now catch below with The Wrath Of Vajra actor Shi Yanneng also starring.

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