SIFF 2016: LEGEND OF THE ANCIENT SWORD Nabs Renny Harlin To Direct For Alibaba

Director Renny Harlin's new globetrotting action comedy, Skiptrace is finally approaching this July among a slate of other Jackie Chan titles through 2017. In the meantime, the director is reportedly signed on to adapt the popular 2010 3D role-playing game, Legend Of The Ancient Sword with Alibaba Pictures.

Shanghai Aurogon developed the game prior to publishing in 2010 courtesy of Gamebar with a plot that centers on a young boy who survives a village massacre and is taught the mystical ways of the sword, and subsequently meets new allies on his journey toward vengeance, and the possible reunion with his mother. The game was most recently brought to television over at China's Hunan TV back in 2014 for a 50-episode run.

via Variety:
“This is a big, epic fantasy adventure,” Harlin told Variety. “My ambition is to integrate this Chinese property with Hollywood story telling and visual effects and to introduce new fighting techniques.”
The film will commence shooting this October while casting remains yet to be announced with plans to build the franchise into both film AND television. Stay tuned!


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