Shots Fired In The New RAILROAD TIGERS Teaser

Action legend Jackie Chan is dipping back into history this year with the new action adventure comedy, Railroad Tigers. Henceforth, our first teaser has arrived and like his previous stints with Little Big Soldier and Police Story 2013 helmer Ding Sheng, promises some big production value apart from not showcasing Chan in his usual notable screenfighting element.

In 1941, Japan expands the war to Southeast Asia. The Tianjin to Nanjing railway in East China became a key transportation route. Chinese railroad worker Ma Yuan leads a team of freedom fighters, using their deep knowledge of the train network to derail the Japanese war machine. The Chinese call the unlikely heroes the "Railroad Tigers". When the Japanese send reinforcements to Shandong, Ma Yuan launches his most dangerous mission yet, blowing up a heavily-guarded railroad bridge. When the Japanese learn of the crippling plan, which will slow down the war, the stakes are raised to a new high.
Huang Zitao, Wang Kai and Darren Wang also star for the film's release on December 16. Peep the teaser below.


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