Otomo's MUSEUM Terrorizes With A New Trailer

Starting this August I'm bent on catching up with the fervor on director Otomo Keishi's Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy here in the U.S. from Funimation Films. That's now set on the back of my mind while his latest feat, Museum, is already getting traction with a pair of chilling teasers already online.

This week, we now have a first full trailer that immerses you in the sheer terror of living in a city menaced by a bloodthirsty killer in a frog mask. Such is the premise for Tomoe Ryosuke's 2013 graphic novel of the same name, and while not having ever read the manga, I think it's safe to say Otomo hits the notes really well for this one.

A series of grotesque murder cases takes place on rainy days. Detective Hisashi Sawamura (Shun Oguri) works to catch the murderer like he has done with past cases, but he soon realizes the murderer's next target is his wife and son. A man in a frog mask is a suspect.
Museum opens in Japan on November 12. Watch the new trailer below!


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