New Spots For SULTAN Give You Glimpses Of Action, The Soundtrack, And Our Hero's Backstory

There's no question that actor Salman Khan has fought battles both off-screen as well as on. That was the case when he recently made a glib rape joke about the strenuous physical demands of his role in Ali Abbas Zafar's new film, Sultan, and the nature of the action and surely as the media remains tenatively mum, Khan will be sure not to make that mistake while he does have a movie to sell and action fans to cater to.

Khan stars with Anushka Sharma for the film's Eid release next month and with the promotional campaign still rolling on, a new mini trailer and several other promotional bits are now online. One such is a faux documentary about our fictional protagonist the journey of his epic career as a wrestler and MMA underdog. Much of the content below is in Hindi, but feel free to check it all out if it's not a huge burden on you.


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