Logan Cross's NIGHTSHADOW 'Dawns' A New Title

Filmmaker Logan Cross is on a mission this year to crank out a fresh new brand of superhero lore over at his budding film and comic book staple, Cross The Line, L.L.C.. His latest endeavor, Nightshadow, took off with an earlier proof-of-concept action teaser and a Kickstarter aimed at building it into something much larger, and as we speak, that is exactly what is happening with plans to shoot in East Texas later this year.

Official casting news remains pending while the project remains in development. In the meantime, the Kickstarter has since been a success surpassing its $30,000 goal toward a feature film and other endeavors centered on the now officially titled Nightshadow: Dawn of a New Age. Forming a female-centric superheroine universe of its own, the story focuses on Quinn Collins, once child soldier and now a former member of a secret order of assassins now living the quiet life as a court reporter and a mechanic in her hometown of Starview. Her new life also grants her a sense of purpose as an enigmatic selfless crimefighter while also in search of her truth about her past, and in the course of all this, she discovers other vigilantes in the midst, hidden forces of evil at work, and an Earthbound mysterious power that could wipe out mankind if placed in the wrong hands.

On top of directing duties, Cross wrote the script and may possibly make a cameo appearance among the cast. More updates are needed until cameras begin rolling and full funding is secured while the production's official website is already live and full of content (as are the respective Facebook and Instagram pages) to help introduce you into what aims to be a fully competitive superhero property next to that of Marvel and DC in due time, including stylish artwork by Eddie Nunez which you can view below.


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