Kitano's VIOLENT COP Gets A Blu-Ray US Re-Release This Fall

Filmmaking multi-hyphenate Kitano Takeshi's career hasn't been all about putting hard-boiled violence and gangsters on screen. Surely enough though, when he does, it leaves a lasting impression that often feels someone enigmatic in its clear-cut resolve.

You can't really knock it in any case. It's in your face and right down to a threatening cock-eyed stare with a barrel pointed right at you. And it's tropes like that which highlight Kitano's signature career in film, especially with the forthcoming US-bound Blu-Ray re-release of his 1989 directing debut, Violent Cop courtesy of Film Movement.

In one of his first dramatic roles, writer/director Takeshi "Beat" Kitano plays Detective Azuma, a hostile cop who's not afraid of using violent means to catch his culprits. When his sister is kidnapped by a sadistic drug lord, Azuma's Dirty Harry-style tactics escalate in his quest for vengeance.
High quality HD transfers are to be expected for the film which is one of two Kitano titles coming this Fall - the other being the 1990 yakuza revenge flick, Boiling Point. Among the special features between both will be interviews hosted by Marc Walkow with actors Yanagi Yurei and Ashikawa Makoto (the latter who stars in both) and producer and longtime Kitano cohort Mori Masayuki.

Look out for more details on both titles here and here ahead of their releases this Fall, and check out the trailer below for Violent Cop.


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