From TVB To The Big Screen, Catch The Slick New Teaser For LINE WALKER

If you feel like actor Louis Koo is in everything these days, you're not alone. That said, the latest teaser is now here for director Jazz Boon's new movie, Line Walker, following in tow from its successful TVB run in 2014.

After a handler of undercover agents died and his classified flies erased, some of the identities of those agents become lost. When someone codenamed Blackjack contacts the police, asserting that he is a lost agent, Inspector Q sends Agent Ting to contact him. Ting soon finds herself manipulated by Blackjack, while Inspector Q encounters a series of peculiar events resulting in the death of the chairman of a finance group. Finally, Inspector Q manages to pin down the whereabouts of Blackjack and uncovers the surreptitious involvement of a business company in a huge drug deal in Brazil. However, the drug dealers have found out that there is an undercover agent among them , and things get tricker as fear and mistrust gain the upper hand.... (Filmsmash)
The show's legacy as a small screen hit has certainly led to its credibility some, especially a big-enough budget to film scenes both in Hong Kong and Macau with a portion of the story set in Brazil. The film even endured a few mildly close calls in that respect which otherwise adds to the intrigue and interest, starpower notwithstanding.

Koo and series co-stars Charmane Sheh and Benz Hui are joined by Nick Cheung and Francis Ng among other for the film's 2016 release pending an official date. Check out the teaser below along with a slate of character posters!

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