Fox To Harness Kibuishi's AMULET

Deadline is reporting of a new adaptation on the way now with Kibuishi Kazu's 2008 Scholastic publication, Amulet from Fox. Casting details are pending but the word is that Aron Coleite, co-executive producer of the new television reboot of Star Trek for CBS will be penning the script for the studio after switching hands from Warner Bros where it landed in 2011.

The book, a series which currently runs with seven installations, centers on Emily Hayes, a young girl who inherits an enchanted amulet after moving into her great-grandfather's house with her mother and brother. What ensues thereafter is an epic adventure amid a war between humans and elves, and, with the help of allies, impluring Emily to use her newfound abilities through the amulet to battle the evil Elf King.

Temple Hill Entertainment is producing the film Fox while this one could very well run as another franchise for the studio. Stay tuned!


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