Crossing Fingers, PACIFIC RIM 2 Gets Another Release Date!

Hmk. Let's recap a bit, shall we?...

Last time we were discussing anything regarding a release date for what would have been a Pacific Rim sequel for next Spring was last April. Point in fact, we ended up with two dates before everyone involved at Legendary Pictures pretty much said "Aww f**k it! Let's not announce anything more until we're absolutely certain about our s**t!" which is good since nowadays it looks like they're pretty certain about their s**t!

As of late, Netflix series Daredevil S1 showrunner Steven DeKnight has been hard at work with developing Pacific Rim 2 as its attached director with Guillermo Del Toro on board to produce. Moreover, the film now has some starpower to it following the addition of Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega as of earlier this month, and The Wrap is now reporting that the film, once again, has a release date attached for February 23, 2018.

There aren't any more plot details beyond what's been said for Boyega who will play the son of the role portrayed by co-star Idris Elba for the 2013 film. Del Toro directed the film with a story centered on mankind and its use of duo-piloted giant battle robots in a long and winding war against interdimensional creatures hailing from underwater alien portals.

Elba was joined by then-lead actor Charlie Hunnam and actress Rinko Kikuchi, neither of whom are expected to return while details remain pending on who else will join Boyega to star. Also producing are Legendary's Thomas Tull and Mary Parent.

Are you looking forward to Pacific Rim 2 in 2018? Sound off below!


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