Corin Hardy Is HELL BENT At Paramount!

Will The Crow remake ever happen? That depends on what happens over at Relativity Media following their latest Chapter 11 recovery, and what's also unknown is whether or not filmmaker Corin Hardy will still direct after this, especially after leaving the project back in March.

In the meantime, what looks like a sure thing is officially in the works at Paramount Pictures for the new Dirty Dozen-themed action thriller, Hell Bent. Deadline reports on the film with a script by Mike Finch which tells of a group of mercenaries killed behind bars in Brazil and are subsequently led to through the bowels of Hell by a priest who propositions them with an opportunity to kill Satan before he unleashes hell on Earth.

The report cites a ball park figure of $60 million or under as a means for a production that could take an alternative road toward franchise prospects, with casting centered on newcome actors or those familiar in the direct-to-video/DVD market. Casting is expect to start shortly while the script gets a clean-up with Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian on board to produce.


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