Catch The Latest Trailer For David Lam's S STORM!

Director David Lam's 2014 corporate espionage thriller, Z Storm was probably better than it deserved to be. It had some great moments with good acting from its cast led by actor Louis Koo, compensating adequately for what it lacked in depth and originality in some areas and Michael Wong was a fun villain to watch as well.

Thus, we've come to 2016 with a season full of unknowing as to what Louis Koo title to pay attention to first what with Johnnie To's forthcoming crime thriller, Three, Jazz Boon's TVB feature follow-up, Line Walker, and Benny Chan's period martial arts actioner, Call Of Heroes among the endless list. Alas, you can add Lam's return to the director's chair for S Storm to your Louis Koo syllabus of forthcoming movie homework with a release rolling out this August throughout Asia, and Koo back in character as the corporate watchdog group of investigators, the ICAC.

Continuing after the anti-corruption battle in the earlier film, Z Storm, the sequel centres on the ICAC agent’s next move towards an even more uncontrollable case about the illegal world of Sports / Soccer gambling, which makes him re-enter the dangerous area?

The latest trailer below has been viral for a few months now but this one bares a release date of sorts. Make note of it and keep your eyes peeled!


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