CALL OF HEROES Gets A Brand New Trailer!

If there's one thing I'm glad about while writing about director Benny Chan's newest period actioner, Call Of Heroes, is the guarantee that it's coming abroad as well. The film is just less than two months out from its release and host to a raft of fine acting and action talents such as Eddie Peng, Sean Lau, Louis Koo and Wu Jing leading the story of a village in 1914, wrought with danger when its protectors arrest the son of a warlord committing vicious acts of murder.

Looking at the trailers of which there have been three so far, there's no mistaking that the overall tone of this movie is going to be an enthralling one. It's easily become one of my most anticipated titles of the year among others, and I certainly look forward to viewing it myself on the big screen when it opens in due time. In the meantime, a fourth trailer has arrived and it continues to sell this movie awesomely.

Check it out below!


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