Actress Céline Tran Joins Cambodian Action Comedy, JAILBREAK

Far and away from her former moniker as an adult film star, you may have seen actress Céline Tran in any number of shortfilms and demos she has done in the last few years to re-establish herself. Such projects include French graphic novel action horror concept, Heartbreaker, and Godefroy Ryckewaert's Bladed Minds swordfighting shortfilm, and both have been exemplary in signaling Tran's own hard-earning ascension into action cinema stardom.

As such, her efforts have not been for naught as of this week with word of her casting in Jimmy Henderson's new Cambodian action comedy, Jailbreak, from Puprom Entertainment and Kongchak Pictures. Press was announced in Cambodia on Friday with news of Tran's addition in the company of Henderson who produces along with Loy Te, and lead actors, Hanuman star Dara Ours and co-star Savin Philip, as well as actor Jean-Paul Ly (stunts credited for Luc Besson's Lucy, Jon M. Chu's Now You See Me 2 and Joey Ansah's Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist), and UFC Atomweight fighter, debut actress Tharoth Sam. Ly is directing the action sequences while Ryckewaert, whose top-notch work has been a topic here at Film Combat Syndicate on many an occassion, will serve as director of photography.

A unit of five Special Forces officers are on a mission to escort and protect  notorious criminal Playboy (Savin Phillip) to a high security prison at Koh Klaa island (Tiger Island). Playboy holds valuable information that can incriminate the real leader behind the gang he's associated with: The Butterflies, a gang ruled entire by women and led by Madame butterfly (Celine Tran). The unit reaches the prison, unaware that a bounty has been set on Playboy's head...
Also starring are Dara Phang who joins as one of the tactical officers, as well as actors Ruos Mony and Sisowath Siriwudd as the respective prison gang leaders of the Geckos and the Scorpions. Further enhancing the on-set presence of martial arts screen muscle is Bokator fighter and actor Tara Vy with prolific Khmer/Chinese Kickboxer, Eh Phuthong playing a high risk inmate known as "The Cannibal", and UK actor Law Plancel who has regularly partnered with Ly on a number of shortfilms, including their breakout 2015 JP/LP Action Design gem, Dead End.

The film marks Henderson's third outing in the director's chair since debuting with Hanuman which filmed in 18 days. By comparison, the larger-scale Jailbreak will have 28 days to shoot and storyboards suited to keep progress afloat. Production will commence on July 3 on location at a former school in Phnom Penh which has been repurposed and outfitted to serve as the three-story backdrop for the action.

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