2017 Live-Action Manga, SHINOBI NO KUNI, Filming Next Month

Much of actor Ono Satoshi's work has been on the small screen since previously teaming up with director Yoshihiro Nakamura for the 2011 film, Kaibutsu Kun. As of late, that all changes with Yoshihiro fresh off of the latest release of his jidaigeki comedy, The Magnificent Nine, and back in prep for his next new live-action treatment, Shinobi no Kuni.

Wada Ryo, author of the 2008 Shinchosha manga publication will provide the script which centers Ono in the story of Mumon, a seemingly disillusioned and lazy Sengoku-era ninja who uncovers great power within amid war between Iga Province and Oda Nobunaga's forces. Further casting remains pending while Shinobi No Kuni stays the course for a July start date and a Summer 2017 release. (Asianwiki)


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