Watch The Trailer For Alain DesRocher's Canadian Action Sequel, NITRO RUSH

Filmmaker Alain DesRochers's Canadian action thriller, Nitro, was a hit in 2007 following actor Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge as a former drag racer on a mission to save his girlfriend's life. Fast forward to 2016 and while DesRochers's momentum will see him through to next year with the Antonio Banderas-led action flick, Security, fans of Nitro may be delighted for its forthcoming sequel.

For this, we get Nitro Rush with Lemay-Thivierge back in action from a script by Martin Girard that now sees our protagonist forced to escape prison and play by the rules of an elaborate criminal organization in order to save his 17 year-old son. Alas, it'll take a lot more than swift turns behind the wheel as indicated by the latest official trailer below which locks, loads and doesn't pull punches on the action at the least.

Check it out below!


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