Warner Bros. To Expand On DCCU Through SUICIDE SQUAD's Harley Quinn

Just months away from David Ayer's Suicide Sqaud, THR is now reporting that Warner Bros. is opening up to the prospects of expanding its DC Comics universe. The angle? Actress Margot Robbie's debut as Harley Quinn who appears in Ayer's upcoming film on August 5.

The move in question, however, will be to spin her character off toward the center of a brewing vision for a female superheroine line-up, including titles centered on Batgirl and Birds Of Prey. Batgirl has often had her moments since the 60's TV show led Adam West while the latter's most recent small screen efforts in 2002 lasted one season.

The move comes just in time after a year of public dialogue over female representation both in front and behind the camera. Batgirl and Birds Of Prey are definitely a few opportinities worth exploring in this case while the studio moves forward with Ben Affleck's forthcoming Batman film between now his reprisal in the Justice League films by 2019.

Details are pending on just what the story will be and who is writing it. But needless to say though, if you've been pining for a female heroine other than Wonder Woman, you may get your wish yet!


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