Tom Getty's RISING FEAR Lands On DVD On May 30

Actor and filmmaker Tom Getty has been slowly ramping up his newly completed independent action feature, Rising Fear, for home release. It's not hugely budgeted, but the film certainly plays its cards right, hitting the right notes hard enough in many areas to live up to its ambitions both in acting, as well as intensity and spectacle.

For what it's worth, it's the kind of the film almost any filmmaker can, and should, appreciate, as does fellow independent filmmaker and Film Combat Syndicate contributor James Couche who had the following to say in his review back in March:
Oftentimes, indie action films are notorious for their slow pacing and lack of energy. Any concerns about this movie's pace are shattered within the first five minutes. Rising Fear's plot is like the bus from Speed; it hits 50mph early on and NEVER slows down after that. The film never stops moving and the hyper-caffeinated, Paul Greengrass-esque visual style only helps to ramp up the intensity. The action set-pieces are all very well done and some of the stunts and visuals are genuinely impressive.
Couche's thoughts delve further into detail for his critique and they're worth observing. In the meantime, I certainly don't mind lending this one a proper signal boost as it's definitely one of the more impressive suspense thrillers I've seen not from a major studio lot. Indeed, it has its minor flaws, but the film genuinely shows that Getty runs a tight ship when it comes the kind of kinetic storytelling that a film like this demands.

A good glimpse of the trailer below will help you amass an idea of what the film itself will bring with Getty starring as a former Marine who turns fugitive and sets out to clear his name after wrongfully being accused of a deadly terrorist attack. Acrolight Pictures has set an official DVD release date on Memorial Day, May 30 for the new film and you can finally pre-order it on Amazon today!

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