THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR Brings The Anarchy To The Hill In The Newest Trailer

The surprise hit that was writer and director James DeMonaco's The Purge, has taken quite an authentic and rewarding journey in the last four years. From contained survival thriller to urban action flick, the newly-formed trilogy now immerses itself into a world all its own with a rich, suspenseful story that currently pits leading man Frank Grillo front and center as our protagonist following his stellar performance as a broken father seeking vengeance in The Purge: Anarchy in 2014.

Thus, we now move forward with the latest from the collaborative crew from Blumhouse and Platinum Dunes with The Purge: Election Year, with Grillo, back in character and now assigned as a secret serviceman at the behest of a Senator looking to end the annual event of citizen bloodshed and suburban warfare as enacted by the New Founding Fathers Of America years ago. Obviously something like that will rub political opponents off the wrong way in this fictional American dystopian, and as predicted, Grillo is taken to task with no choice but to survive the night and find out who betrayed his employer.

At best, this franchise has given people a new conversational device to make loose examples with from time to time whem discussing politics. It's very silly and quite stupid if taken too seriously, and on that note, there's no denying that it carries ressonance as it sure does wonders for Blumhouse in sustatining the film's relevance and marketability. On a seperate note, politicians colluding to assassinate other politicians reads appropriately for a film like this that couldn't afford to keep its preceeding titles in one place, as big and ambitious as the concept has been since 2013.

It's a perfect setting for a unique action thriller that doesn't keep itself myopic in its tropes and has a terrific cast which makes this franchise all the more worthy of its big screen appeal instead of going straight-to-DVD, and so I'm pretty pleased. July 4 is the date for its theatrical opening in the U.S. with a release in the U.K. thereafter, and with this, the new trailer is here to check out below.


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