THE HIT LIST - May 23, 2016

Greetings everyone, and welcome back to another installation of The Hit List. We're light on the action a bit but I did find plenty to share, including one video that aired online last Summer, and it's one that I would have wanted to share had I caught it at the time that I think you will all love.

On that note, let's get things moving and our first share in this week's playlist of stunt action reels comes courtesy of Lauren Mary Kim who has a new demo sampling footage of training and serial shots for her stuntastic, incognito portrayal of actress Elodie Yung's starring role as Elektra in the hit Netflix show, Daredevil. Following that are reels from Spencer Thomas, Shawn Balentine, Joe Kras, Jesse Rowles, and suit action actor Akiyama Tomohiko with freerunner Omar Zaki, action talent Darren Holmquist, disciple of the late Panna Rittikrai and co-star of Tom Yum Goong 2 Marrese Crump, fight choreographer Jimmy Lui and stuntman Andy Taylor.

Following this are three pieces of promotional goods, including trailers I'd like to introduce, and the first comes from Ontario-based Tochi Osuji for Pond, in which Dale Samms co-stars with fellow Canuck, actor Craig Henry, and tells of two 17th century African slaves who must choose if getting baptized will be worth being hunted and caught by their masters. I don't fully know the status of this project just yet but I reckon an online release is in order sometime this year.

The second comes following an arduous three-year journey for filmmaker Curtis Jaeger whose newest venture takes psychological drama head-on with colossal results in Mind City Terror. Rider Darcy stars as a man beleagured by inner-turmoil in the form of an 80-foot Kaiju, and the only fighting chances he has left is to turn his ego into a towering robot to face it head-on in the ultimate battle for his mind. Of course, there's a greater message behind the toku and sci-fi, and you can learn all about it and more at the shortfilm's newly launched official website featuring tons of goods!

Third and final in this segment comes straight from the ownership of creator and filmmaker Sam Gosper who is dead serious about taking Circle Of Ninja to the next level, working hard at Cannes these past few weeks to talk to producers and anyone on the level who can help invest in the project to its fullest potential. His latest shortfilm, the stellar and sensational Hunt For Hiroshi is exemplary of this as part of the very universe that is Circle Of Ninja featuring a clandestine ninja on a quest to deliver retribution against a defector and his loyal private tactical security unit.

The full short remains publicly unavailbale while screening among exclusive eyes, but Gosper has cut a terrific sizzle reel to showcase the vision. If you ask me, I think it does the trick.

And now we're off to the hard-hitting action shorts and samplers of the week, and up-and-comer Tonya Blair is getting her screenfighting chops in on this week's playlist followed by Marco Lascari's sword fighting tribute to industry coordinator Thomas DuPoint and actor Claudio Pacifico, a little Concrete Combat from Dan Dargan Carter and co., and a cool new action gem from CBR Stunts called Kung Fu Twister. and a high-energy test fight bit featuring Suzuki Kimmy and Fight Factory Stunt Team's own Oscar Leiva.

Rounding it all out from there is a throwback courtesy of Dennis Ruel circa 2010 with a camera test featuring a bundle of test fights edited to the powerful sounds of recording artist Stan Bush's iconic contribution to Newt Arnold's 1988 hit classic, Bloodsport (and don't forget to sing along as noted). The next is an explosive new League Of Legends-inspired comedy bit from our fellow Canucks over at Eunoia Creations, with the last hailing from the folks at Kiddrock Clothing with a video I would have shared at the time of its summer 2015 airing had it went my direction - best of all, of course, it features front man, action star Iko Uwais doing what he does most awesomely. Enjoy!

Last and far from least are a couple of new longer bits of video content and the first aims at taking you to a bit of film school with the new short, Foot Chase. Actresses Cassandra Ebner leads the harrowing chase within Vancouver's grey wilderness with Katie Stuart and Irma Leong in tow, and PROXiMITY (2013) helmer Ryan Connolly lending his insight on how it was all shot in a single day. All you camera aficionados might be keen on this one, so have a look!

And the last is a new project from Wong Fu Productions, now moving in on the Star Wars fandom with actors Chris Dinh, and From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series co-star Brandon Soo Hoo titled Star Wars: Way To The Rebellion. You won't see any lightsaber action here but the idea of SooHoo, who himself is notable badass on screen and on stage as a Team Sideswipe alumni, wailing one around on either side of the force is something that would fascinate anyone, I think.

At any rate, enjoy this latest and see where you can spot this fan-inspired story within George Lucas's canon!

Got some extra time to spare? The Hit List is has almost infinite content to share with subsequent links like this at the bottom of each article for the preceding weeks. Enjoy them at your own will, and subscribe to the channels, and if you or someone you know has killer moves on, or with a camera and has something worth sharing in the Hit List, hit us up at!


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