THE HIT LIST - May 2, 2016

Welcome back to another awesome week and another equally awesome installment of the Hit List! First thing's first however, I've got some good news and bad news...

...The bad news is that this week is light on content. The good news is we're kicking off a fine little fan reel highlighting some of action star Jet Li's work in more than three decades. Currently his hyperthyroidism is what impedes him from being more prevalent in the world of action cinema as much as fans would like while we await to see the extent of his forthcoming role in the new fantasy 3D epic, League Of Gods. Until then, Li's made memories, all of which are worth celebrating like so in the following fan reel courtesy of Adrian Conlon. Happy belated 53, Jet!

The playlist beneath includes the latest in stunt, free running and action highlights by Kelly Phelan, Vellu Saarela, Benjamin Somesan, Jason Ng, Will Leong, Jake Huang, Josh Yadon, Jeremy Adam ReyWadi Jones and Anthony Oh.

Now for a little retrospective with a little shortfilm that dates back to an era of online action that precedes this blog, and with none other than the 2006 shortfilm, Contract. It's one of the earlier pieces formed by the then-branded Eclipse Stunt Crew in conjunction with Fuse Limited Pictures, and featuring Eclipse's own DL McDonald and Alex Chung as two hitmen contracted to killing each other in a story that leads to a fate twist. It's pretty rough education, but the formula is worked very nicely with good comprehension of some of the necessary building blocks of shooting action, making Contract something worth appreciating.

Rounding things out for this week's Hit List are two new action shorts, and the first comes courtesy of student filmmaker Kevin Tsai with the new psychological action drama, Relentless, featuring Shayan Safar as a man on a mission to protect his sister. The question is, really, who is it really that needs protecting? - That's pretty much my analysis of the story as it ends with somewhat of a semi-resolute note, but the dramatic backdrop plays out very well amid the action, and Shafar and the stunt performers on hand all do an excellent job keeping this one afloat from start to finish.

The piece thereafter comes courtesy of the one and only Vlad Rimburg, a long time independent action favorite whose career progression recently took a superb turn in India where he can be seen co-starring as the tournament referee in Karan Malhotra's 2015 Warrior remake, Brothers. Yes, Rimburg is still at it and with a number of smaller projects still in tow, and having recently surprised the heck out of fans several days earlier with a post-production teaser of his shortfilm sequel, Osu 2, the final product is finally making the rounds and much to the delight of action fans and Karate aficionados alike.

Returning are Sharkey's Karate alums, Nate Hitpas and Micah Karns along with Tony Vittoriso who made an end-credit cameo in the first installment from 2014, all now joining in a three-on-one duel opposite martial artist and actor Brendon Huor who had the following to say in a thank you post on social media on Monday:
Karate is often relegated to a base, generic form of martial arts that is rigid, limited and flawed. As a lifelong Karateka I wanted to show that comprehensive Karate is amazingly versatile, and has as distinct a personality as is often reserved for the portrayal of Kung fu, Silat, or ninjutsu. Thanks Vladislav for always challenging us with crazy ideas, and for being able to trust and understand each of mine. Thanks to my real-life karate brothers Nate, Micah, and Tony for the awesome training experience, always proud of you all. 
I hope all my talented peers will help join the push for the revival of traditional martial arts in entertainment.
No protest from me. Enjoy the playlist!

Last and far from least is Bat In The Sun's latest CGI-debut for its Superpower Beatdown catalog pitting the Avengers's own Iron Man against Hasbro mainstay, Optimus Prime. As always, these things are voted on as to who would win and how and the action commences just a few minutes in. Press play and enjoy the epic brawlfest with Bat In The Sun's Marisha Ray hosting!

Last week's Hit List is still available if you're keen on some more gems from around the web, so be sure to check them out and subscribe to the channels. And, if you or someone you know has a cool new action short, stunt reel or some promotional goods for an independent project you would like to see in our weekly Hit List, hit us up at!


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